Closet and Storage Space is a Top Priority for Homebuyers

Posted by admin on April 12, 2024

Concord Dressing Room-4x3.jpgWhen selecting a new home, the number one must-have feature for many homebuyers is a spacious walk-in closet. Having ample storage space for clothes, shoes, and accessories is highly valued. A walk-in closet provides organization, convenience, and room to grow. It’s where homeowners can neatly store their belongings and easily access them. Whether it’s a master suite closet or a dedicated dressing room, having this feature can significantly influence a buyer’s decision.

Home storage in general has a significant impact on a homebuyer’s decision. These features not only enhance the current quality of life for homeowners but also contribute to the long-term value of the property.

  • Walk-in Closet: A walk-in closet is highly valued by homebuyers. In fact, a recent study by the Canadian Home Builders Association found that it was the most valued asset among surveyed homebuyers. Having a spacious walk-in closet (also known as a dressing room) provides ample space for storing clothes and accessories. It also offers a private area for getting ready or unwinding after a long day. For many buyers, the absence of a walk-in closet could be a dealbreaker1.
  • Certified and Sustainable Materials: Not only are energy efficient features increasingly important, but sustainability in cabinets and closets is a crucial factor for homebuyers who prioritize both functionality and environmental responsibility. Buyers appreciate homes that are environmentally friendly and cost-effective to maintain.
  • Master Bathroom: A well-designed master bathroom with ample storage space that boasts features like built-in cabinets, linen closets, and well-organized vanity areas add value to any home. Buyers often prioritize having a functional and comfortable master bathroom.
  • Two-Car Garage: Having a two-car garage is a significant selling point. It not only provides space not only for vehicles but also for additional storage. Features like StoreWALL and garage storage cabinets and built-in shelves are appreciated by homebuyers.
  • Laundry Room: A dedicated laundry room with storage cabinets, shelves, and space for appliances is highly desirable. The features most desired in a laundry room are hampers, a folding area and a drying rack. Buyers appreciate having a functional laundry area that keeps clutter out of other living spaces.
  • Modern/Open Concept Kitchen: The kitchen is often the heart of the home, and buyers look for features like ample pantry space, well-organized cabinets, and modern appliances. An open concept kitchen with smart storage solutions is a big plus.

Remember that investing in storage spaces and closets will not only add to the value of your home, but will reduce clutter, improve quality of life and will make your home more beautiful and comfortable haven.