Here is some info about our closet systems. Please give us a call if you have any other questions not answered here.

Wall mounted closets do not impact baseboards or painting--all trim and painting may be finished prior to closet installation. Wall-mount is also the perfect solution for homes with floors that are not perfectly level since they are installed to a level hardware track mounted to the wall's studs. This method provides the most economic solution as well.

Some prefer the look of built-in cabinetry that floor based closets offer. Floor based closet systems also allow for wider, heavier panels than a wall system can support.

Our typical closet system is a composite board with a laminate finish. We offer several natural wood veneers, solid wood doors and fronts, and custom wood cabinetry for closets or built-ins.

Every space is different, but angled ceilings present no problem.

For hanging rods a minimum of 42" is required for a low hanging wardrobe rod. For double hanging rods a minimum of 80"-84" is needed. Shelves may be installed on any wall space of 13", but access may be limited by low walls with angle ceilings.

That really depends on the size of the space, the material and finish chosen and additional accessory items. A small reach-in may start under $600. Adress your budget concerns with your designer--we always want our clients to have the best closet value available.