Posted by admin on February 20, 2024

The Myth of the Regular Closet

I often have clients tell me, “It’s just a regular closet. It’s so small there is not much you can do with it.”

Having speLakes Region Reach-in Closet.jpgnt the last twenty years designing closets for all sorts of spaces, I tend to disagree with that point of view. There has been a revolution in closet design going on for forty years, yet there are many homeowners who remain unaware of exactly what a closet system is.

The driving philosophy behind 32 mm closet systems is to use all the available vertical space efficiently to maximize the storage capacity of any closet space. This system, besides increasing the capacity of a closet space, ensures that all clothing items are visible and accessible.

The 32 mm closet system uses pre-drilled holes spaced 32 mm apart on the vertical panels of the closet. These holes allow you to easily adjust the height and position of shelves, rods, drawers, and other accessories without drilling new holes. This way, you can customize your closet to fit your needs and preferences and make the most of the available space. Closet systems are also compatible with various hardware and fittings that can be inserted into the holes, such as flanges for rods, shelf pins, brackets, and hooks. These products can help you organize and store your items more efficiently and neatly.

A 32 mm closet system is especially useful for small closets, as they offer more flexibility and versatility than fixed or standard closet systems. You can create different sections and levels in your closet and change them as often as you want. You can also add more features and accessories to your closet, such as baskets, bins, drawers, shoe racks, and more. The 32 mm closet systems can help you optimize your small closet space and make it more functional and attractive.


If you are interested in learning more about 32 mm closet systems, you can check out some of the examples of our designs on our website: