Posted by admin on March 26, 2024

Closets with Angled Ceilings

Peninsula-5.jpgOne of the most frequent design consultation requests we receive is for closets with angled ceilings. While angled ceilings can create a design challenge, sloped closets can still be beautiful and functional. The 32 mm closet system is very adaptable to walls that vary in height without requiring extensive customization or scribing.

The 32mm system offers several clear advantages when designing custom closets, especially for spaces with angled ceilings:

  1. Standardization: The 32mm system is a method of indexing cabinet components, where all parts are sized and located in 32mm increments. This standardization allows for easy compatibility and customization to design closets that fits into any space.
  2. Efficiency: It’s highly efficient in terms of material usage and production time, as the parts are configured in multiples of 32mm in height that are easily adapted to any depth of component to create a closet with all the aspects of a custom cabinet.
  3. Flexibility: The system can accommodate various hardware that uses mounting holes spaced in multiples of 32mm, such as European hinges, drawers, slide-out baskets, tie racks and other accessories.
  4. Stability: For angled ceilings where a hanging system isn’t feasible, a floor-based system with 32mm standard can be secured to the floor for stability. This is one of our most common strategies for sloped spaces with very low walls.
  5. Accessibility: Proper planning with the 32mm system can ensure that storage solutions are functional and accessible, even in spaces with angled or unusual shapes.
  6. Customization: It allows for precise customization, which is particularly beneficial in challenging spaces like those with angled ceilings, to maximize both function and aesthetics.

These advantages make the 32mm system a robust choice for custom closet designs in spaces with unique architectural features.